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We are the Lassen family and we currently live in Palmerston North in New Zealand.  We moved here from Buckinghamshire in England at the end of 2001.  Our big project for 2002 was the building of a new house.  It's something that would only be a dream in the UK and was one of the reasons behind our decision to move to NZ.  We've been planning the house for several years and it's really exciting seeing it take shape at last.

Kev is a kiwi who went to England in 1987 on the traditional OE.  There he met Debbie (the English Rose!).  Married in 1990.  Lived in Wooburn Green for eleven years (half way between London and Oxford).  Kev is an IT Consultant with a background in Mainframes, but these days prefers Linux.  He is currently contracting for BUPA (The UK's largest private health insurance company) and works from home, connecting to their systems using both a VPN and internet portal over ADSL.  He's also recently written a rugby stats website using PHP and MySQL.
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Debs is a homemaker and portrait artist. She has completed all of the interior design for our new home.
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Chloe is 13.  See Chloe's page for more details.
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Sammie is 11. See Sammie's page for more details.
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