October 2002

For nearly a month we've been living in a perpetual shambles of boxes everywhere and every room still needing finishing touches, however things are now beginning to taking shape.....

Dining Room

We've colour-washed the plaster walls and then rubbed in several different colours to give an aged effect. 

The Kitchen

We've added some bright tiles as a splash-back.  Appliances are all stainless steel.



The Mantelpiece above the gas fire is an old plank cut down and stained.


Recycled Tawa floor leading on to carpet.

Chloe's room

Sammie's room


  Master Bedroom

Main bathroom

The wall tiles have been broken to give a jagged 'ruin effect' join with the plastered walls.

Since this photo was taken, we've repainted the walls a number of times and still aren't happy with the colour!