Tom Hingston


This page is a tribute to Tom Hingston, a mate that I grew up with who is sadly no longer with us.  One of Tom's many interests was computers so I think that it is fitting that his memory should live on here in cyberspace....


19/11/1962 - 09/01/2003

I can't recall the exact occasion when I first met Tom but I'm sure we all had motorbikes at the time... and Tom was probably the bloke showing everyone how to do the perfect wheelie!  He had great balance and no fear.  He even cooked the engine on his Honda once by doing a wheelie for too long.  In all of our days and weekends of riding, I can't ever remember him even falling off his bike.

This is one of the many motorbike camps that we went to at the Forlong's farm (Karua) in the King Country.
This was Pete Watt's off-roader.  Once when Pete was doing jumps in a paddock, Tom ran out and lay underneath it as it flew through the air.  Pete didn't even know.  Afterwards Tom said with a grin that he actually felt the wheel touch his shirt. Crazy? Yep, but that was Tom, living life to the full!!! 

A bunch of us had some great holidays together.

One Christmas in the early 80's we stayed with the Watts in Taupo.  Brent, Tom, and I crashed in a tent in the backyard.  We had  a great few days water-skiing.
...another Christmas at the camping ground in Taupo
In Auckland
Under the disappearing gun at Devonport

Tom flatted with Pete, Brent, & Nigel in Church St.  The house is no longer there, but the memories are!

Tom "making some wake" at Mangakino

Tom Hingston - a great bloke.
Gone, but not forgotten.

Other Links

Tom's software company Chequers Software (Try "Clipboard Express" - it's very useful)
Tom's web site

If you've got any photos or memories of Tom that you'd like included on this page, email them to me and I'll be happy to include them.