Althorp House

Northamptonshire - July 18th 2000

Althorp House was the family home of Princess Diana and it is where she is now buried. The house is only open to the public for a few months each year and Diana's brother, Charles, still lives there when he is not in South Africa.

This is the main private entrance to the Althorp Estate through which Diana's funeral procession passed:

This is the Diana exhibition centre which was originally the Althorp stables. The exhibition is spread across several rooms and includes old family films, photos, and assorted memorabilia from her childhood. Given that she had quite a sad life, her happiest years were probably spent at Althorp. Many of her famous dresses are also on display including her wedding dress. The whole thing is quite an eerie experience, I guess because it happened so recently and doesn't really seem like history yet. Everything seems very classy and tasteful, and you somehow get the feeling that Diana herself would have liked it that way:

Diana is buried on a tiny island (on the right of the photo) in the centre of an oval lake. This is as close as you can get to the island but you can walk around it to the memorial at the other end. The lake is surrounded by huge lime trees and it is an amazingly peaceful setting:

Althorp House - A fitting tribute to The Peoples Princess.

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