Views from The London Eye

July 26th 2000

The British Airways London Eye is a huge observation wheel built on the South Bank of the Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament. A "flight", as BA like to call it, takes 30 minutes and lasts for one complete revolution. There are 32 cars on the wheel and each one holds about 25 people including a flight attendant who answers questions and points out the landmarks. The wheel doesn't actually stop (except for wheelchairs) so you get on and off it like a ski gondola. The structure itself is brilliantly designed and when it was built in 1999, it was floated down the river on huge pontoons and then winched to an upright position over a period of a few days. Despite the Eye's much publicised bad start (by not being operational in time for the Millennium celebrations), today it is a great attraction and well worth a ride. The views from the top are incredible.

Looking towards Buckinghamshire Palace (centre of trees):

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