Horse Ride
29th July 2000

Having looked around Killarney town, we decided to take one of the many horse and trap rides through the National Park.

The Irish guide had such a strong accent and was talking nineteen to the dozen which gave Dad plenty of scope for questions, for example:

Dad - "What sort of birds are those black ones over there?"
Guide - "Crows"
Dad - "Sods of things..." (Dad once had a particularly nasty experience with crows who "came through the Gorge and ate the turnip crop". Apparently they squawked with Woodville accents).

Dad - "What do leprechauns look like? Are they sort of like trolls?"
Guide - "What's a troll?"
Mum & Dad - "like a leprechaun"

Dad - "What do badgers look like? Are they sort of like possums?"
Guide - "What's a possum?"


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