Sydney Stopover

(En route UK to NZ)

06/12/01 - 12/12/01


We stayed at the Hyde Park Plaza Hotel which was handy to the underground and mono-rail. This was the view out of our window looking across Anzac park to the Centrepoint tower and downtown.  It turned out to be a bit of a dodgy area at night however.

It's a small world - one evening in the hotel laundry I bumped into Graham Englefield (a bloke I worked with at Courage in England).  He was travelling with his family around Aussie in a camper van.



Today we went to Wonderland Wildlife Park, about an hour west of Sydney.  This was our Aussie tour guide who reminded us of a certain purple dinosaur!

Clock those socks!!!


The girls wasted no time in bothering the assorted marsupials on display.....


Today we caught the ferry across Sydney harbour to beautiful Manly beach.  We bought the girls new UV suits (or "rashers" as they're called here).

On the way back from Manly we saw the Volvo round-the-world yachts moored in the harbour.


Today we went up the Centrepoint tower



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