Week 8


13th - 19th May 2002

On Tuesday the Uni-span pre-stressed concrete slabs were delivered.  These are 75mm thick and will form the basis of the upstairs floor.  They have tensioned cables running lengthways through them (200mm apart) and are pre-cambered to compensate for the weight of the concrete slab poured above them.  The slabs have to be propped at the correct height until the concrete floor has fully cured (28 days).

Fred guiding a slab into place.  The top surface of each slab is really rough so that it keys into the concrete still to be poured on top of it.  Note the hole (penetration) for plumbing waste pipes.  These were carefully measured and allowed for when the slab was made so as not to break any of the cables.

The props below Rob in the garage allow for a 16mm camber once the concrete floor has been poured.

Why the props are necessary !!!

I also finished Mulsealing and covering the back wall this week.