Week 10


27th May 2002 - 2nd June 2002

Progress has been really good this week despite cold and showery weather.  On Monday we poured the upstairs floor.  It rained on and off all day and the concrete contractors trowelled it as best they could.   The finish wasn't perfect but it shouldn't matter as it will all be covered by either carpet, recycled timber, or tiles.  It's great to finally see the slab above the mud line!  On Tuesday the pre-nailed frames were delivered (VERY EXCITING) and by the evening they had been stood up and it really started to look like a house

The girls trying out their new bedrooms for size:

Graham completing the boxing for the main concrete staircase.  These were poured on Wednesday and look fantastic.

Dad putting the bridge up

The porch has also been started and the "top hat" has been put on the frames ready for the roof trusses.

Concrete used for slab:    16 m3   Strength: 25 MPA
Concrete used for stairs: 1.5 m3   Strength: 25 MPA