Weeks 4 to 7


15th April 2002 - 12th May 2002

Things came to a bit of a standstill in Week 4 as Graham McCosh could not start the block laying until April the 22nd.  Instead, as the weather was fantastic, Debs & I got stuck into what will be our new garden.  We painted the back fence and new trellis, dug over a small patch of garden, and also planted a few trees.

Graham started the basement blockwork on the 22nd and had completed and filled 7 courses by the end of Week 5.  By the end of Week 7, the basement was finished.

Concrete blocks layed: 2040


During Week 7 I've been busy covering the back block wall (and myself!!) with 3 coats of Mulseal (black water sealant).  It then had sheets of 30mm polystyrene stuck on it which will help insulate the basement from the cold bank behind.  We then spent several days filling it in (by hand) with fine gravel (pea metal) which drains into a Novaflow punched pipe running along the back of the building.  It was a relief to finally get some of it filled in as the exposed clay bank was beginning to slip each time it rained.  It also makes walking around the building much easier now.