Weeks 14 to 16


24th June - 14th July 2002

One of the obvious problems with trying to build a house in the middle of winter is the continual battle against the weather.  It's been raining almost constantly for the past 3 weeks and as the house is not quite closed in, progress has been a lot slower than we had hoped.  The main hold-up is the application of butynol (rubber waterproofing system) which goes around the crows nest, on top of its roof, and also on the other 3 flat roof areas.  The ply that it has to be glued to must be completely dry and the roofers (Pro-roofing) need a couple of fine days with the temp above 10C to do it.  Consequently the house leaks like a sieve each time it rains which is very frustrating as none of the lining can be started until it has totally dried out again.  Last week I hired a large 6m tarpaulin which we've draped over the crows nest and that has at least kept some of the water out.

There is also an unexplainable delay in the manufacturing of the external doors even though these were ordered months ago.

The following work was carried out during this period:

Packing out of curved walls etc ready for lining
Ceiling battening completed
Remaining Aluminium joinery delivered and installed
Plumbing started
Electrical wiring started
Cabling for multi-room sound system completed
Downstairs bedroom and ensuite strapped ready for lining
Some of the 40mm polystyrene sheets have been nailed to the framework upstairs ready for plastering. 
Garage door has been installed

The builders left and went to other jobs after Week 14. 

Sorry, no photos at the moment as it's too depressing  :o)