Week 12


10th - 16th June 2002

Lots of smaller jobs were completed this week in preparation for the roofer who has confirmed that he will be starting next Monday.

Alan & Graham have put up the fascia, anti-pooling boards and have completed the framing details for the flat roof areas.  Alan has also built the extensions for the 3 parapets.

We picked up and installed the aluminium joinery downstairs (4 windows and 1 door).  Bedroom 4 is now lockable and ready to be strapped.

The timber studs supporting the RSJ beneath the crows nest have been replaced with a steel post made by Ian Bulmer.

Dad and I formed the curve across the garage doorway and lined it with ply on the outside and MDF inside.

The 200x50 exposed Douglas Fir beam is now in place across the gallery.

By Friday afternoon the trusses in the crows nest had also been put up and we've started building the false chimney.