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We hope that when our place is finished, it will look something like this:

The house is built into a slope with double garage and self-contained spare room downstairs.  Upstairs the design is split into Living space on the left and 3 bedroom accommodation on the right, separated by a bridge over the entrance gallery.  A further staircase leads up to the circular "crows nest" office/study on the 2nd floor.  The total floor size of the house is 266 m2.

The basement is constructed of concrete blocks with a concrete 1st floor over uni-span concrete slabs.  The main staircase is also concrete.  Upstairs is timber-framed covered with 40mm polystyrene.  The exterior is Adobe new-age plaster, rough finished in a Tuscan style.  The roof is Italian clay tiles with copper spouting and downpipes.



At present, the building looks like this:

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