Weeks 23 and 24


26th August - 8th September 2002

Rodney and Grant (Pro Stop) have been gib-stopping solidly for 2 weeks and several areas are ready for painting.  The finish is excellent.

Gallery ceiling
Paint finish
Crows Nest Ceiling
Rodney on stilts doing his Michelangelo impression on the crows nest

We got the nicely dried & filleted recycled Tawa out from Dad's garage only to discover that over 30% of it is useless for flooring as many of the grooves were split when it was taken up originally.  After a couple of trips to Levin to the demolition yard, we've concluded that we haven't got enough to lay in the entrance gallery now so will have to pour a slab and carpet some of it instead.  It's fairly disappointing as we thought that the timber floors were all sorted out but it's just another of the compromises that you seem to have to make on a project like this.  Graham, Alan, and Rob have made a great job of the upstairs floor however and once it's sanded and polyurethaned, it will look fantastic.

Simon and Neville have finished the crows nest roof and the 12 hips look fine.  We're now searching for a finial or similar to go at the top to finish it off.  Brian Brock (Cuffs Continuous spouting) came at short notice and put some 5 inch copper spouting around it so once Paul has painted the exterior, the scaffolding can come down - hurray!

The builders' official last day was on Friday however they will be back for a day or two to finish a few bits and pieces off in the next couple of weeks.